CNC Swiss

  •  (26) CNC-Swiss Tsugami Turning Centers  (1/16” to 1-1/2” Capacity)
  • (2) LICO CNC-Lathes (1/16″ to 1-5/8 Capacity)

Our CNC-Swiss machines have sub spindles, live tooling & multiple attachment capabilities.

All CNC-Swiss turning centers are equipped with high pressure coolant pumps and 12 ft. FMB/Iemca bar loaders.

All machines run first shift and certain designated machines can run night and weekend “lights out” shifts, if job application allows.

Since 2011, concentrated capital expansion & growth efforts have been made in our CNC Swiss machining area, helping shape a state-of-the-art CNC Swiss department.  From year-end 2013, it took just two years to add sixteen more machines to our lineup.  Expansion plans are continuously on-going, as needs and contracts arise to add more equipment, RGD Tech is always ready.


Benefits and Opportunities:

  • Innovative technology, coupled with an investment in key personnel who are experienced in layout, programming and operation, has greatly widened our machining capabilities and opened doors to securing contracts for more complex jobs.
  • Unattended operation, when applicable, results in faster turn around time on work orders, which opens up capacity and makes planning more flexible.
  • Less setup time with CNC production vs. cam production allows us to react more quickly to market swings and possible changes in customer requirements.
  • Certain jobs previously run with multiple operations can now run complete on our CNC machines, resulting in less handling and possible “cost-down” opportunities.
  • Tooling cost and leadtime are reduced on many jobs, as CNC production can eliminate the need for custom designed tooling required for many single and multi-spindle machine layouts.