Quality Assurance functions at RGD Technologies are based upon an ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management System (QMS). The QMS covers all facets of the operation and is supported by documented procedures focused on meeting our customer’s requirements. Our internal audit system evaluates and determines its effectiveness.  Additionally, a fully integrated ERP system provides a solid backbone for quality interface with all other daily business functions, and helps provide full transparency to part and lot traceability.

RGD Tech’s management philosophy is simply stated in our quality policy:

To Provide Customer Satisfaction by Meeting Customer Requirements and Expectations while Continuously Improving Procedures and Processes that Ensure Product Quality and On-Time Delivery”

Our culture is such that quality is every employee’s concern and responsibility.  Machine operators are held accountable for their work and are responsible for the parts they manufacture.  To ensure part conformity, our Quality Control Inspectors provide additional verification points throughout in-process manufacturing and at final inspection.

In short, RGD Technologies’ approach to quality and inspection is founded on:

  1. prevention
  2. building quality into parts at the developmental stages of the review process
  3. proactive quality assurance processes

Prevention stops problems at the source. Finding defects at the time of final inspection is too late.

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